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The Organizing Confessions with Ronni Eisenberg

Welcome to Organizing Confessions with Ronni Eisenberg

The Organizing Confessions is the natural culmination of my years of experience as an Organizing Professional. On the Organizing Confessions, I will be sharing a combination of personal stories and practical information that can be applied to your own life. I hope to provide you with real-life examples, along with tips on how to put organization into practice.

My Personal Journey

My name is Ronni Eisenberg and I am an Organizing Professional based in Connecticut. Born in Michigan, I had the typical Midwestern upbringing which I loved. I was the middle child in my family which means that I was always trying to keep the balance. From a young age, balance was an important aspect in my life and I believe that is why I started organizing. Later on, my family moved to New York City. That is where I lived for a large portion of my life and also where I originally started my organizing business.

Eventually, I put down roots in Connecticut, which is where I raised my three wonderful children (including a set of twins)! Although running a business and raising three kids was a challenge, I would not have changed it for the world. People would sometimes ask me how I managed with three children, especially a set of twins; my answer would always be the same: “I can’t send one of them back, so I have to figure out how to do it.

Of course, I managed to not only survive but thrive, even with all the added responsibility. I attribute this success to my prepared and organized personality. Today, my children are all grown up and I’m proud of each of them and the amazing human beings they have become. I am also a proud grandma to my one-year-old grandson, Jake. My friends all told me being a grandparent was one of the absolute best experiences in life. I think they may have missed the mark. Take your best experience and multiply it by 1 million – now that’s what it feels like.

More About Me

I am a person who believes in values such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, and decency. These are traits I look for and wish to see in others as well. I live by my word and if I say I will do something, you can depend on me to do it. Because I have a big heart, kindness is non-negotiable to me. I am a creative, out-of-the-box thinker who appreciates ingenuity. Besides this, I love to have fun and laugh. I enjoy hobbies such as cooking, styling, and dancing (I’m actually a good dancer and grew up in Motown).

My personal motto is: ‘Don’t give up,’ and I live by it!

The Business of Organization

I recently celebrated 40 incredible years of business. I have no idea how the years have surged ahead so quickly, yet so beautifully. The realization often catches me off guard and I find myself thinking, “Wow, this has been a fabulous journey so far.” The business of organization was not common back then, and I was a pioneer in the field. When I started, there was only a handful of us around the country to bestow the magic of organization. Now, you will find thousands of other smart and talented Professional Organizers all over the world. The business of organization has boomed.

In the past, very few people actually understood what I did for a living. It would take up to 10 minutes to explain and even then people would assume it was a hobby instead of a real business. Luckily, times have changed and everyone has heard of this truly life-changing profession.

What I originally created was a lifestyle franchise that helped people create order from chaos. Over the years I have been a product spokesperson, motivational speaker, home goods designer, media contributor and both a corporate and personal consultant. During that time I have also written 10 books on organization. These books have helped millions of people become more organized and deal with overwhelming tasks to find balance in everyday life. My focus is on teaching people the skills and habits that will add quality to their lives.

Organize Yourself

I’ve worked on a myriad of different tasks during the past four decades. Below is just a brief outline of all that I have done for my clients:

  • Organized homes, closets, kitchens, and home offices.
  • Staged homes that were for sale.
  • Planned out cross-country moves and then helped clients settle in after their moves.
  • Overseen contractors, workmen, and renovations.
  • Taken over the gift and personal shopping from my client’s to-do lists to lessen their stress.
  • Set up household information notebooks.
  • Organized pantries and spice cabinets.
  • Organized occasion cards and holiday gift wrapping supplies.
  • Sent floral arrangements and selected stationery.
  • Chose frames and other décor items.
  • Ordered items online for my clients.
  • Arranged for pet care when the family was away.
  • Paid bills.
  • Checked that credits were received.
  • Sorted and filed mail.
  • Had things fixed.

Most of all, I help my clients to create order by implementing streamlined systems. Luckily, I have always had a steady base of wonderful clients throughout the years. The wide variety of tasks I can do means that my responsibilities required me to always take initiative and assist my clients in any way possible. Some of my tasks have even seemed impossible (until done) such as finding the only Size 4 JCrew white shorts in the country or convincing William Sonoma to send a $400 gift card to offset a shipping charge.

Organizational Coaching

I have also coached, calmed and inspired most of my clients into having a better-organized life. Together we have worked on helping them manage the overwhelming details of their lives. This has allowed them to better cope with the constant day-to-day challenges of life. Basically, my goal is to empower my clients and give them peace of mind (something you just can’t put a price on)! I aim to keep things simple when it comes to organization and instill those principles in my clients as well. With each new client, I learn about their current lifestyle and the expectations they have. This allows me to give them relevant options and real solutions to get the results they want. Subsequently, their life gets easier and they are happier, which makes me happy too.

What to Expect from The Organizing Confessions

I truly believe that this is the career that never ends and evolves with the times. My career and experience span decades because I honestly love what I do and have faith in the value that my work cultivates. My imagination never runs out of ideas and this keeps me motivated and going. This has been my secret all along…

Now, my wish is to share the knowledge that only experience can acquire. At Organizing Confessions you can expect exactly that, real-life stories of life in this business and the lessons those stories can teach about living an organized life. Each of my ‘ organizing confessions’ will be based on a real event and provide valuable insights into what you can learn from that experience. I hope that these tips and tricks will help you to make your own life much easier.

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