The Most Important Thing You Can Do When You’re Stuck at Home

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Sometimes what we think is the worst thing in the world turns out to be the best thing, in more ways than you can imagine. I found that to be true many times in my life. If you’re open to the possibility of a new mindset, that things change and change can create a horizon of possibilities, then you might find something amazing, a revelation or both. I call that A Miracle in Disguise.

The most important thing you can do when you’re stuck at home is to take care of yourself. Mind. Body. And Soul. The best way to do this is to create daily self-care habits that inspire and rejuvenate. Taking care of yourself is not a one night stand. It should be constant. With a gentle kindness directed inward, you’ll reconnect with your core and flourish.

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6 Ways to Connect the Mind, Body & Soul While at Home

  1. Slow down so you can find the you of you. Undo the stress of juggling all the balls in the air.Remove the dings in your life and unwind, undo and unplug. Give yourself a chance to chill and it’s OK to do nothing at all and just be quiet with yourself.
  2. Do you first. How would you tell your 20 year-old-self that you’re important? Do something for you. Even if it’s just one thing because it makes you happy.
  3. Discovery. Have a blind date with yourself and embrace discovery. Try something you’ve never done before. An online exercise video, meditate, learn how to breathe to strengthen your lungs. It’s not the what. It’s the repetition of small intentional habits that feed you physically, emotionally and mentally.
  4. Let your heart lead the way. Your feelings are real and they define a very central part of who you are. Your feelings are your yellow brick road. If you feel like you’re headed down the wrong path, connect with the mind and pivot.
  5. Stay in touch. Connecting may not seem as pressing day to day until, all of a sudden, you’re impacted and then it takes on a presence of its own. Don’t distance yourself from friends and family, from all the people you love.
  6. Journaling. Writing is therapeutic and at the same time, cathartic. Especially if you’re trying to work through your emotions or something that’s on your mind. I began journaling many years ago to help heal from the loss of my mother. It became a ritual because it was the only thing that could restore my wounds.
at home
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3 Ways to Bring the Spa to You When at Home

In full disclosure, I used to think about what would happen, in the worst-case scenario, if I was stranded on a remote island or found myself at home, unexpectedly for weeks on end and unable to color my roots. It may seem like an odd, funny, superficial thing to think about but my wiry grey roots just might disagree.

Just because my older sister used to tease me and refer to my hair as “Brillo” when we were kids, doesn’t mean I’ve out grown the insult. For crying out loud, no way!  Good grooming and I can have great hair if I want to have become my mission. Even, if I’m stranded and I can show and tell you how.

How to Take Care of Your Hair

My hair is my accessory. It’s long and thick and I love when it looks out-of-this-world. Since I’m stuck in, for the time being, I’m giving my hair some love and I’m not fussing with it at all. That means no blow dryers, no flat irons, and no smoothing, finishing products or sprays. It means au natural. It also means simple and natural hair treatments to the rescue. I have the time now and I always have basic and organic ingredients in my pantry. My favorites are olive oil and coconut oil.

Ronni’s at Home Hot Olive Oil Treatment

All you need to do is measure out half a cup of olive oil. Warm-up on the stove or in the microwave for just a few seconds. You don’t want it to burn; make sure it’s just lukewarm. (So please keep your eye on the oil.) The heat properties help the treatment to penetrate and restore dry and damaged hair.

Massage through your hair. Gather your hair up on top of your head, fasten with a bobby pin and place a shower cap on your head. Then grab an old towel, wrap it around your head and let the treatment do its work for 30 minutes. Finish with shampooing and rinse. Your hair may still be a bit oily. But since you’re hunkering down, who cares? Your locks will be soft, smooth and luscious.

Ronni’s Coconut Oil Hair Mask

If you have coconut oil at home that’s a paste consistency, it’s easy to handle. Scoop out a half cup, massage into scalp and hair as above. Follow the same steps as above with the olive oil. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Then, wash out with warm water and a gentle shampoo.

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How to Treat Your Hands and Nails

During this time at home, I’m not bothering to apply nail polish. The reason why is because I want to use this period to give my nails a break and allow them to recover. When you constantly apply nail polish and especially gel polish it can damage your nails and cuticles. Personally, I want to get rid of any discolor caused by nail polish and have my nails glow again.

Gel Polish Natural Recovery Treatment

If you’ve ever had gel nail polish applied, you’ll know that having long-lasting no-chip nails can be super handy. But, you’ll also know that once the gels have been removed your nails will feel weaker and brittle. Luckily, you can treat your nails naturally with the following ingredients that you probably already have at home.

For the first part of the treatment, mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl. Soak your fingertips in this mixture for at least 5 minutes, but preferably longer. For nails that are really damaged, soak them for up to 30 minutes. Once done, gently rinse off the vinegar with water and dry off your fingertips.

Next mix a few drops of vitamin E oil into two tablespoons of coconut oil. If you don’t have vitamin E oil, you can substitute it with almond oil or olive oil as both carrier oils are rich in vitamin E as well. Once mixed together, spread the mixture onto your nail beds and allow it to sit for 5 minutes. Wear moisturizing gloves if you want to keep it on for longer. Then, gently wipe the mixture off and admire your glowing nails.

Best Hand Creams for Dry Hands

In the attempt to stay healthy and stop the spread of the virus, you may be washing your hands a lot – probably even a lot more than usual. There’s nothing wrong with that but the constant application of antibacterial soap can do real damage to your hands. Moisturizing your hands after washing may even help to keep you healthy.

According to Michele Assaf-Asst who is a professor of infectious diseases at John Hopkins University it is vital to moisturize your hands if they are dry. Apparently the dryness caused by all the washing leaves micro-cracks in which bacteria and molecules can hide. The best way to prevent this is to moisturize regularly and keep your nails short.

My absolute favorite moisturizing cream is AMLACTIN Ultra Hydrating Body Cream which you can purchase online from Walmart. It deeply moisturizes your skin and boosts the natural process of healthy skin renewal. Plus, it soaks in quickly leaving your dry skin feeling soft and smooth straight away.  Since you’re staying at home, why not order it online from Walmart and let them deliver it to you so that you and your family can stay safe and keep others safe by sticking to social distancing regulations.

Extra Hand Care Tips

Another great way to keep your hands healthy is to spread olive oil on your hands before washing the dishes. Put on your rubber kitchen gloves and the oil will heat up in the hot water. As you wash the dishes the hot oil will penetrate your skin enriching both your hands and your nails. You’ll get a spa-worthy treatment while doing a household chore.

You can place a tiny bit of either olive oil or coconut oil on your cuticles before you go to bed. This will help to moisten your cuticles while you sleep. An easy way to ensure that your hands and nails heal while you sleep is to wear moisturizing gloves. Walmart has a wonderful selection of these gloves available.

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How to Manage Your Skincare Routine

Spending so much time at home really gives you a wonderful opportunity to take care of yourself. Instead of feeling bored when stuck at home, shift your perspective and find self-care activities to do which you just never had time for in the past. One activity that’s worthwhile is to make more of an effort to switch to natural or organic skincare. You have plenty of options such as making your own cleanser, toner, facial scrub or face mask.

Easy Face Cleanser & Toner

Unless you have medical problems with your skin and need special skincare products, you can easily wash your face without the need for soap. Face cleansers and soaps that aren’t right for your skin type can leave your skin feeling either too oily or too dry. Use this type that you’ll be stuck at home to experiment and find what works for you.

Some cleanser alternatives are:

  • Milk – used by Cleopatra this classic cleanser removes dead skin cells while moisturizing the skin to keep it plump and supple
  • Oatmeal – gently exfoliates the skin and is the perfect mild cleanser for sensitive skin.
  • Lemons – cleanses oily skin while also brightening for a younger complexion.
  • Honey – soothes irritated skin and removes any redness.

At the same time, you may want to replace your alcohol-based or chemical toner for something more natural. Apple cider vinegar diluted with water is a wonderful toner for younger skin. And witch hazel is the perfect toner for mature or sensitive skin.

Homemade Facial Scrub

It is quite simple to make an effective facial scrub; even one specifically for your skin type. Most homemade facial scrub recipes entail using ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen.

The easiest facial scrub method is using baking soda. Mix one teaspoon of baking soda into a small amount of water or a small amount of your regular cleanser. Then massage this mixture onto your skin. The super fine but rough texture gives you an at-home microdermabrasion that is suitable for all skin types. You can leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. You’ll instantly notice smother skin, a brighter complexion, and minimized pores.

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Pampering Face Mask

There are plenty of recipes for homemade face masks that can be created from ingredients you have in your kitchen. Some of the best things for your skin are foods such as avocados, bananas, camomile tea, honey, citrus fruits, yogurt and more. You can get really creative with your mixtures and try various combinations that suit your skin type and preferences. But, sometimes I just like the ease of buying a face mask made specifically for my skincare needs.

My go-to source for purchasing affordable but quality products online during self-isolation is Walmart. And they don’t disappoint when it comes to skincare products and face masks. Head on over now to take a look at their wide selection of brands and styles of face masks. This is a great way to treat yourself and feel as pampered as if you were at the spa while stuck at home.

What are you doing to nurture your mind, body, and soul while stuck at home?

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you when you click my links and make a purchase. However, this does not impact my opinion in any way. I only promote brands I believe in and products that I use and love myself. I try my best to keep things fair and balanced to help you make the best choice for you.


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  1. Well, I can honestly say that this isn’t the best “season” for my hair right now. Like many, I am sporting some pretty scary roots. BUT, I’ve decided to embrace this as a sign that I’ve been heeding my social distancing instructions. After all, it is just hair! I’m trying to stick to a routing, exercise, get outside when it isn’t too cold, and facetime my children as much as possible. We did a fun family game night using http://www.jackboxgames.com on Saturday night across the country. I would do that again even if we weren’t staying at home to battle the pandemic!

    1. The most important thing is that you’re taking care of yourself and doing what makes you feel good. You can’t beat that!

  2. I guess I’m lucky that my routine hasn’t changed a lot because of the pandemic, but I haven’t felt the need to pamper myself any more than I usually would (which I admit is not very much). I am applying hand cream a lot more than usual though!

    1. You might just like the tip about putting hand cream (or olive oil) on your hands and then kitchen gloves while cleaning up. Your hands look and feel so smooth afterwards and it doesn’t take any additional time because you’re doing the dishes anyway.

  3. I love the emphasis on taking care of ourselves! I think all of us are struggling emotionally with current events, and these self-care practices can help alleviate some of that stress. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s fun to pamper ourselves, especially when we have the time and don’t have to feel guilty about it.
      Let me know if you try any of my ideas and how they work.

  4. Wow! You’ve shared a wealth of excellent self-care treatments. I love these. I never thought about using olive oil on my hands under the rubber gloves while washing dishes. How clever!

    I admit to enjoying the self-care and pampering piece. One of the things I learned by mistake was how great avocado is for softening your nails and hands. One time when I was cutting up an avocado to eat, some extra got on my hands. Instead of rinsing it off right away, I mushed it into my skin and then rinsed. It was very moisturizing.

    In addition to taking care of my physical self (skin, hair, nails,) I also have been enjoying the extra time being home with my husband. For example, today, we took our lunch break at the same time and sat outside on the back patio in the sun while eating and talking. I noticed how leisurely we were. When we were done, we cleaned up and went back to work.

    1. Avocado! What a great idea, I’ll have to try it. A few years ago I remember trying an at home natural face mask. I don’t remember the ingredients but I remember honestly feeling like a salad when I was done.

  5. You put it all out there in this post, and gave your readers everything they could possibly need for self-care right now! I decided that this would be no fuss hair time during the stay at home orders. And it’s so liberating!

    1. I’m so happy you liked the post. I decided that this would be a no fuss hair-and nails time during the stay at home. I’m finding it incredibly relaxing!

  6. It seems to me that this is a time for our bodies and minds to heal as we watch Mother Earth heal at the same time. Back to basics. I love your self care ideas.

    1. That’s such a lovely comment. I’m so happy you love the self care ideas. They’re totally easy to prepare.

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