How to Organize Your Home the Easy Way

Organize Your Home

Being organized is essential if you want your home to look clean and beautiful. Although you may wish to maintain this polished look, it won’t last unless you’ve created a system that works for you. So, if you’ve been wondering how to organize your home the easy way, the answer lies in your systems. You may not realize this, but each room in your home will require a different strategy because each room is unlike the other. Each room has a unique function and purpose which will need its own personalized plan.

That’s truly the key to organize your home the easy way. It doesn’t need to be complex at all as long as you focus on one room at a time. That’s why I’ve created this room-by-room organization guide to help you get each area of your home in tip-top shape as easily as possible. I’ll analyze each space individually and share a few of my favorite hacks for creating systems to organize that particular area.

Implement my advice and before you know it, you’ll have created a tidy sanctuary that you and your family will love.

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How to Organize Your Home Room by Room

Start with the room that makes sense to you (or the one that bugs you the most) and get it into order before moving on to another room. Keep the flow, function, and style of the room in mind as you set up your systems. The goal of organizational systems is to make life easier and to make putting items back in the right place a breeze.

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Once these systems are in place for a particular room, stick to the new system. This may take some time but it’s all about creating new habits. Make sure your family or roommates are aware of these systems and maintain them too.

I’ve provided only a few organizational hacks per room as not to overwhelm you. But these should give you a great example of creating organizational systems based on the function of the room to use as inspiration.

Organize Your Home
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So, let’s take it one room at a time and start to organize your home the easy way.

Mudroom Organization Tricks

The mudroom is the first area of your home that usually requires a lot of storage space for items such as jackets, shoes, scarves and other accessories. However, that gives you plenty of reason to spruce up this space with clever storage that looks good too. Implement these handy tricks:

Living & Family Room Organization Tips

The living and family rooms are used almost daily in any home and the more organized it is the more inviting it will look and feel. Removing clutter will help you and your guests feel more comfortable. Consider the following tips:

  • Invest in multifunctional furniture to store regularly used items in a way that still makes them easily accessible. For example, a coffee table with storage underneath can offer storage for remotes, magazines, or even board games.
  • Use pretty trays to keep miscellaneous items such as your book, remotes or glasses together in one place instead of on the coffee table couch or other surface areas.
  • Use decorative baskets to store magazines or rolled up throws that’s within easy reach to the couch where you’re most likely to need it.
  • Add open shelving to store books or display picture frames and decorative items.
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Kitchen Organization Hacks

It is likely that your kitchen will be one of the rooms that need the most attention. There are so many things that need to stay organized and it can be difficult to keep track of it all. But when well organized, the kitchen can become a dream space. Try these clever hacks:

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  • Install a vertical storage pull-out shelf under the sink to save space and keep all your cleaning supplies organized and in one convenient place.
  • Label jars and other storage containers. So that you can easily identify what you have stored on your kitchen shelves or in the kitchen pantry without having to look in the jars or containers.
  • Add hooks to the inside of a cabinet door that is close to the prep area and hang your measuring cups. This makes them easy to grab when needed and you can even add labels to indicate size details.
  • Have a charging station for your phones and other tech gadgets to keep all the cords neat and out of sight. Converting an unused drawer into a charging station is a clever idea for keeping cords and cables from lying all over the kitchen.

Bathroom Organization Ideas

It can be difficult to find adequate storage in a bathroom even if it’s spacious. Finding the ideal space to store all the many items you need in the bathroom such as towels, toiletries, makeup, and more can be tough. The following ideas may just inspire you:

  • Put baskets or other containers in the enclosed space under the sink and store cleaning products and other essential items, you need in the bathroom but don’t want to display.
  • Place a converted ladder with shelves in the bathroom for hanging towels. This idea is not only functional but can add to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.
  • Hang a metal file box on the wall near the sink area for putting items that get very hot such as hair dryers and curling irons that can’t be stored away immediately.
  • Convert a wooden pallet into a bathroom organizer that can be hung on the wall. Add some hooks or knobs to hang towels or bathrobes and containers for toiletries.
  • Use a Lazy Susan to store regularly used toiletries in a way that makes it easy to locate and access your products.
Organize Your Home
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Bedroom Organization Solutions

A bedroom is one of those well lived-in spaces that can quickly become a cluttered mess. Since it’s just too easy to shut the door and hide your bedroom away, you may be hesitant to organize your space. But if you have clothes lying around or a closet bursting at the seams, then it’s time to tidy up your sanctuary. Start with these simple solutions:

  • Use accessory trays or drawer dividers in your drawers for more storage space. This is a great way to organize jewelry, ties, belts, and other items that you can roll or fold up and store in small spaces.
  • Design a custom closet with EasyClosets to maximize your space in a way that suits your unique needs. EasyClosets makes it simple to create a closet with your personal clothing organization system in mind. They make it easy to design your space with the help of their experts and once the parts are delivered it’s easy to install too.

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  • Place a stylish bench at the foot of your bed if you have the extra floor space. You can style it with decorative accents or items you use every day. Make it even more functional by placing baskets underneath to store spare blankets or pillows.

Kids Room / Play Room Suggestions

One way to teach kids how to be organized is to lead by example. If you’re organized yourself and make sure that their spaces have organizational systems in place, it will be easier for them to follow that example. When it comes to the kids’ area, you want to make organization easy yet fun.

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Get them involved in the process and try these fun suggestions:

  • Hang clear shoe organizers over the door to store smaller items that can easily get lost. Since these organizers have many compartments there is a space for everything and it will be easy to see and find the items they need.
Organize Your Home
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Organize Your Home
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There you have it, all you need to know about how to organize your home the easy way. Take it step by step and room by room to transform your home.

Which room in your home do you need to organize first?


Organize Your Home

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  1. Super practical and actionable tips for all the rooms in your home. I love those apothecary jars… they work in so many spaces: craft rooms, kitchen, bathroom, office. I also love that you mentioned the lazy susan. They can really enhance your storage in a deep or corner cabinet. This may be the perfect time for people to go room by room and get things in order!

    1. Thank you, Seana! Any time I can use a Lazy Susan, I will not turn down the opportunity. I love those organizing spinning caddies and use them often and in many spaces.

    1. What a fabulous compliment! Thank you so much,Janet.
      You’ve inspired me with videos. I’ve gone lumen crazy. ? It’s so much fun.

  2. You always have so many great, practical tips. I LOVE your straw trick for keeping necklaces detangled. I have spent quite a bit of time over the years detangling chains for clients. And your video showing your neatly organized belt drawer is lovely! I’m don’t own many belts, but if I did, I’d want my drawer to look like yours.

    For the kitchen, two other products I love are under the sink hooks and slide on shelf baskets. They both increase the viability of underutilized spaces.

    1. I’ve had my drawers organized like that since forever. I had the lucite templates made so many, many years ago and they’ve lasted the test of time.
      I’m fascinated by the slide on shelf baskets. I can’t visualize them but they sound terrific. Do they slide on over the door?
      I love the straw trick. Who has time for tangled chains anyway?

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