The Most Unbelievable Dollar Tree Store Items that will Blow Your Mind

Dollar Tree Store Items

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. The city is best known for its Motown music and automobile design. Yet, it was more than The Temptations and fancy cars that caught my attention. From very early on it was the bargain hunt that got a hold of me and it’s still part of my game.

I am my mother’s daughter and as soon as I abandoned pigtails, I was taught how to find the deal of the century but only if it had real value. She showed me how to look for quality and save money by paying less. I was hooked. It was the excitement of scoring the best of the best on sale. Bargain basement prices for coveted items.

I can still hear my mother saying, “Good is good” which means a lot more to me today than it did back then.

Recently, I found The Dollar Tree. It’s the best-kept secret because sometimes the “finds” there are- out-of-this-world. You just have to know what to look for and everything is for a mere bitty $1. You’ll be amazed at what unbelievable Dollar Tree store items you can find if you hit it just right.

Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links. Keep in mind that I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you when you click my links and make a purchase. However, this does not impact my opinion in any way. I only promote brands I believe in and products that I use and love myself. I try my best to keep things fair and balanced to help you make the best choice for you.

Dollar Tree Store Items to Love

I truly love each and every Dollar Tree store item I’ve ever bought. It’s my go-to shop for inexpensive household items. Plus, there’s just so much to choose from. Dollar Tree has just about anything you could possibly need to run a household, entertain guests, or organize your life.

Although the quality of items can vary, there are certain products that I simply adore. These gems look a lot more expensive than $1 and it would be foolish to buy them elsewhere. If you love a good bargain, then Dollar Tree is the place to go.

Dollar Tree is also a good option if you have kids who are heading back to school soon. Since classes are starting shortly, you’re going to need supplies for your children. Shopping for these items at Dollar Tree is a terrific way for families to save money on back to school items. Plus, with the hit our economy took over the last few months, spending less is a good idea and you can accomplish it when you do your back to school shopping at Dollar Tree.

This post will share my favorite Dollar Tree finds, both online and in-store. Either way, you win when it comes to affordability and value. So, here are some unbelievable Dollar Tree store items that will blow your mind:

Dinnerware Collections

Dollar Tree has such a wide selection of stylish dinnerware collections that are suitable for any occasion. Personally, the Dollar Tree dinnerware collections rescued me during an entertaining emergency at Thanksgiving. The affordability, convenience and gorgeous look of their dinnerware really exceed expectations. Whether you’re hosting a casual dinner with the family or a more formal get together, these collections are sure to impress. You can style the perfect table with their selection of ceramic, stone or glass dinner plates, side plates, and bowls. And when you pair it with their stunning glassware you can create a table that looks extravagant on a shoestring budget. It’s a win-win for any host.

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These are some of the most unbelievable Dollar Tree dinnerware collections:

Mediterranean Dinnerware Collection

This superb dinnerware collection includes dinner plates, side plates, bowls, and mugs. The dinner plates come in a case of 12 and the side plates, bowls, and mugs come in sets of 4 with each unit costing $1. These stoneware items are adorned with bright and cheerful Mediterranean prints that are perfect for spring and summer.

Solid Black Dinnerware Collection

The deep black hue of these items will help you to create the most elegant table setting. The dinner plates, side plates, bowl, and mugs all come in cases of 12 with each unit priced at $1. Made from sturdy stoneware this lovely set is sure to match the décor and style of every home and event. This makes them the ideal addition for both casual and formal entertaining occasions.

Solid Gray Dinnerware Collection

If you want a classic but trendy option, then this gorgeous gray collection is right for you. The deep gray color has a slight hint of blue which really adds a layer of beauty to the set. As with the black collection, all items come in cases of 12 and cost $1 per unit. The stoneware is durable making it great for daily use. But the collection is stylish enough to appeal to even your most discerning guests.

Dollar Tree Store Items
Credit: Dollar Tree

Glasses & Drinkware

You can’t fully enjoy your stunning dinnerware collections without complementing glasses or drinkware, of course. These Dollar Tree store items are plentiful and you’ll be able to find any type or style of glass you want. Choose between tumblers, coolers, and wine glasses in a huge variety of sizes and unique styles. You’ll find the perfect glass for any drink and every occasion at Dollar Tree. Here are some of my favorites that you’ll find in my kitchen closets:

Perception Red Wine Glasses

Sip on your red wine in style with these elegant goblet-shaped wine glasses. The large glass bowls are connected to a thick stem with a sturdy round base making these suitable for everything from home use to banquets. Purchase a minimum of 4 or a full case of 12 for $1 per unit. Best of all, the goblet is big enough for wine and cocktails.

Aztec Heavy Base Glass Coolers

If you’re looking for attractive but heavy glasses that will last a long time, then these are for you. The sturdy coolers come in a case of 12 and each glass is $1. These are perfect for everyday use at home and the classic style will serve you well in any setting.

Brighton Glass Coolers

These all-purpose coolers are thick, sturdy, and beautiful. The elegant cut-glass design adds an element of design that is sure to impress. You can purchase a minimum set of 4 coolers at $1 each. The sophisticated look of these glasses makes them great for any table setting or décor.

Thick-Bottom Smoked Glass Coolers

These beautiful coolers present a wonderful smoked ombre gray color which adds to their appeal. Better yet, the sturdy and solid glass makes them look classy and a lot more expensive than they are. Buy the set of 12 for $1 each. The heavy-duty weighted bottom makes them durable enough for regular use.

Dollar Tree Store Items
Credit: Dollar Tree

Kitchen Goods

Dollar Tree has an exceptional selection of kitchen goods, supplies, and gadgets. Whether you’re looking for tools such as knives, cutting boards, colanders, measuring cups or baking tools, you’ll find what you need here. Best of all, the Dollar Tree store items for your kitchen include clever organization items. This offers affordable hacks for organizing your kitchen and life.

Dollar Tree Store Items

The following items are some of the best available:

Themed Kitchen Towels

Dollar Tree has a lovely collection of themed kitchen towels and my absolute favorite is the Home Collection Coffee-Themed one. The pretty designs are really eye-catching and the quality of towels is excellent for all uses.

Floral Pattern Kitchen Linen Collection

This bright and beautiful collection of patterned kitchen linens will add a lovely pop of color to any kitchen. The collection includes oven mitts, a kitchen towel, and 2 potholders. Purchase the minimum order of 4 units at $1 each and enjoy the lovely quality of this colorful collection.

Blue Microfiber Cleaning Towel

Every kitchen and home needs one or more of these phenomenal cleaning towels. These multi-functional cleaning towels provide affordable cleaning hacks for a variety of items. Buy a few to clean your phone, mop up spills, wipe windows to get a streak-free glass, clean and shine wooden floors, and even polish your jewelry.

Flexible Chopping Mats

A hardy chopping mat is an essential item in any kitchen and the ones from Dollar Tree are perfect for all uses. The Cooking Concepts Flexible Chopping Mats come in a set of two and you’ll love the quality. Use them to prep and chop meat, vegetables, fruit, and any other foods.

Stainless-Steel Santoku Knives

Dollar Tree’s Royal Norfolk cutlery is of superb quality and you can’t go wrong with any of their knives. But I just love this mirror-finish stainless-steel blade that can serve multiple purposes in the kitchen. The dishwasher-friendly knife has a thick handle offering a good grip for easy chopping tasks.


You may not realize this, but some of the best Dollar Tree store items are for self-care and at-home spa rituals. Take some time off to fill your own cup, by purchasing some of these lovely products. These are sure to help you take care of yourself mind, body, and soul.

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Here are the Dollar Tree spa products I use myself and love:

Dove Beauty Cream

These Dove beauty cream tins are compact enough to travel with or just use at home. Store it in your bathroom cabinet or nightstand drawer for easy access. The scent is calming and the cream is of high-quality which is sure to keep your skin soft and supple. Buy the 4 minimum units at $1 each.

Bath & Shower Foot Masks

These superb foot masks are the perfect way to moisturize your feet and eliminate cracked heels. The inside of the sock is coated in a foot mask that helps to moisturize your feet within only a few minutes. Put up your feet and relax for a while as these socks do their job. The minimum purchase amount is a case of 18 at $1 each which will give you plenty to use for yourself and gift to your friends too.

Exfoliating Bath Gloves

Turn your home shower or bath into a spa experience with these handy exfoliation gloves. The high-quality textured surface both massages and exfoliates while also increasing the lather of your soap. Purchase the minimum case of 24 gloves for yourself and as gifts for friends and family.

Credit: Dollar Tree

General Storage & Organization

If there is one thing Dollar Store always delivers on its brilliant storage and organization solutions. When you want to declutter, minimize, and organize your home the easy way, Dollar Tree store items are the way to go. With a huge selection of bins, baskets, containers, and other items, there is no easier way to get organized.

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Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids

These handy plastic containers with sealable lids are excellent for storing a range of different items. Whether you fill it with arts and craft supplies or just use it to organize your closet, these containers will suffice.

Glass Storage Jars with Metal Twist-On Lids

These glass jars with metal lids are classic for a reason and offer a beautiful way to store things that you need in sight. They work best for coffee, tea or sugar in the kitchen or for items such as cotton swabs in the bathroom. The minimum order amount is 24 for $1 each which will ensure that you have enough for a myriad of uses.

Colorful Collapsible Storage Containers

I just love how many uses these colorful containers can fulfill when it comes to storage and organization. They are fully collapsible, have one handle on the side, and come in 3 bright colors. These are ideal for everything from your craft room to your home office and even a playroom. The minimum purchase is 20 units at $1 each but if you’re like me, you’ll probably need more.

These Dollar Tree store items are just a few of my favorites but there are many more to include. For example, you can’t beat their range of arts and crafts supplies or the back to school offers as well as a range of other categories of products.

Do you also love discovering high-quality bargains?


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  1. Yes, yes I do love discovering high quality bargains! I am in the dollar store about once a month because I buy all my greeting cards there (great bargains!). I always tool around and see if there is anything I need, or great organizing finds that might benefit a client. Why pay more than you need to, right?

    1. I bought the most beautiful and durable dishes and bar glasses several years ago for Thanksgiving when my husband kept inviting more people and I realized I needed more dishes. That’s when I discovered The Dollar Tree and how amazing it can be. You’re back to school items are an incredible bargain too!

  2. While reading your post, I was thinking, “It’s too bad we don’t have Dollar Tree in Canada” then I decided to check. Guess what – not only do we have it here, there’s one less than 10 minutes away from my home! I will have to check it out one of these days (still limiting my outings at the moment).

    1. You definitely have to check it out but only when it’s safe. I’ve gone recently but just to prepare for this article.
      When you’re ready to shop there, keep in mind that you can find the best items and deals around the holidays and often it’s hit or miss. But when you hit it, you can hit it big.

  3. I’m not a big Dollar Store shopper, but I appreciate the “tour” you gave of the wonderful finds. When we used to go to the movie theatre, we’d often stop at the Dollar Store first to purchase candy for….yes, you guessed it, one dollar. The same box cost $5 or more in the theatre. We’re not big candy eaters, but there is something about movies and candy that go together. I’m thinking about Milk Duds!

    1. OK, stop right there. Milk duds has been my favorite candy since childhood. I would devour the whole box at the movies and then cried when I had to go to the dentist.
      To tell you the truth, I didn’t know very much about The Dollar Tree until two years ago. It’s just an amazing store with fantastic finds, when you can find them. Kind of like Lohmans but much cheaper.

  4. Your Dollar Tree store is much much bigger than the ones I’ve been to. Mine is a very small – 2 or 3 aisles – and carries bargains for sure on some of the items you describe. If I lived near a store like yours, I would definitely be shopping there more often.

    1. Even though your store is small, I bet they have great finds from time to time. You just have to look for them! Of course, when it’s safe to go.

  5. I’m a fan of The Dollar Tree we have several in our area. It’s my first stop before shopping other places for organizing products to save money! Thanks for sharing your finds!

    1. I honestly believe that The Dollar Tree Is the best kept secret. There are so many great finds, especially around the holidays.
      When I stopped by there recently to prepare for this post, I couldn’t believe how fantastic the back to school supplies were. It’s just amazing.

  6. Wow! So many great ideas. You can’t go wrong when it comes to glassware. I also use the dollar store to stock up on holiday cards, gift wrap, stationary, etc.

    Love all your organizing solutions too! Thanks for sharing.

    1. The dollar tree is such a fun place to shop. There’s always something special, as you walk in, which highlights the deal of a deal for that week. Their cleaning supplies are amazing.Some of the glassware is thick and heavy. Pretty much unbreakable.

  7. Wow! I really need to go to Dollar Tree. I usually go to Dollarama first (not sure why?). I have picked up gift items at dollar tree in the past like really cute napkins with great sayings and other little gifty things to add to my gifts that would be a fortune at any other store. PS. Love the name of your blog 🙂

    1. As I was developing my blog, The Organizing Confessions just came to me. Thank you, I thought it was fun.
      I’ve only been going to the Dollar Tree for two years and I’m hooked. I’ve gotten the most amazing items.

  8. I purchase all my greeting cards at Dollar Tree. Such great value! Sadly the store nearest my home is small, so doesn’t carry a lot of the items you mentioned. Every once in awhile I’ll travel to the large Dollar Tree Store to do some shopping.

    1. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I’m at the Dollar Tree. It’s fun! I’ve only gone once since the pandemic and that was recently to take photos and videos for the post.

      Believe it or not, several others mentioned the greeting cards at the store. I’ve haven’t explored those yet but I absolutely will!

  9. The Dollar Tree is my favorite store–Hands Down! I find it a huge stress reliever for me to shop at the Dollar Tree. I have purchased the dishes for myself and my son. The dishes are great. They are heavy and photograph well. I also teach online classes. I buy many of my flash cards, toys, and props for my classes. Best Store Ever! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Gina. It is a fun store and I love everything I ever purchased there. No disappointments. There’s really something for everyone.

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