My 9 Favorite Top Products for Organizing That Will Surprise You

Top Products

Do you ever buy organizing products on a whim only to realize they don’t actually help you get organized?

You’re not alone. Many people make impulse buys.

But it’s important to learn how to discern between quality and quantity.

The organizing products you buy should feel good to use and make your life better. That’s value. That’s organization. Click To Tweet

Besides, getting organized doesn’t need to be difficult. It can actually be quite fun – with the right tools, of course!

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of top products that will help you be more organized this year. I’ve tested all the products below and they have my seal of approval and excellence.

Let’s dive right into the good stuff!

Here are the top products I recommend for when you’re ready to get organized:

Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links. Keep in mind that I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you when you click my links and make a purchase. However, this does not impact my opinion in any way. I only promote brands I believe in and products that I use and love myself. I try my best to keep things fair and balanced to help you make the best choice for you.

Bedroom & Bathroom Top Products

Finding order in your personal spaces such as your bedroom or bathroom is essential for your comfort.

Henry Hanger
Credit: Henry Hanger

From the moment I started my business over 40 years ago, I was deluged with requests to organize closets. I wanted these closets to be beautifully organized and look fabulous. Besides shelving and rods and boxes galore for shoes, sweaters, and hats, I wanted the closets to have the right hangers that would hold the shape of clothing. Then, I found Henry Hanger. As a test, I purchased dozens of hangers for my home, and miraculously,  they’ve lasted over 30 years with only one breakage. I always thought I earned my money back for my purchase, over and over again, for the quality, style, and durability of the hangers. Truly, one of my top products!

Get your own closet in order and hang your clothes in style with these high-quality hangers. The wooden hangers have a solid construction that provides superior hold and support as well as a flat profile, which allows for organized storage in any closet. Although the iconic family-owned Henry Hanger closed in 2019, the brand has been revived by RMX-NY with the hope to continue the legacy.

They have a huge range of different styles for different purposes and clothing types, but these are the 3 styles I personally use now and recommend:

Drawer Organizing Trays
Top Products
Credit: Kootec

Keep your bedside table, bathroom, and vanity drawers neat and tidy with this set of 16 clear organizing trays. These versatile trays come in a variety of different sizes to easily fit in any type of drawer. Use it to organize smaller items such as makeup, hair accessories, nail polish, toothpaste, medicine, or anything else that usually rolls around and goes missing, like in messy junk drawers.

Decorative Storage Baskets

You can’t go wrong with using decorative storage baskets to get organized!

This is one of my top products for organizing my home and the concept works for just about any room in the house.

There are plenty of storage baskets available but make sure the ones you choose suits the décor and style of your home. These next three options are manufactured by Real Home Innovations but can be purchased at Walmart.

Mainstays Twisted Paper Rectangular Basket Set
Credit: Walmart

This set of 3 rectangular baskets is the perfect storage solution for any home. The simple design is pleasing to the eye, suits most décor styles, and offers an effective way to keep clutter out of sight. The woven paper is twisted tightly around the wireframe making it strong but lightweight. Plus, the cut out handles make it easy to carry even when full. Tuck them away in a closet, use them in your laundry room or place them on a bookshelf in your home office – your choices are endless.

Mainstays Paper Rope Basket Sets
Top Products
Credit: Walmart

This set of 2 large and extra-large grey and white baskets are handcrafted by artisans into a timeless design. Each basket is handwoven with twisted paper and completed with jute handles to create a fun and fashionable storage solution. As functional and versatile baskets, they can easily be used to manage your clutter while also decorating a space in your house. These beautiful baskets go perfectly in an unused corner of your living room or anywhere else for that matter.

Mainstays Natural Seagrass and Paper Rope Basket Sets
Credit: Walmart

This set of small and medium baskets which come in black or white are my personal favorites. They are created with finely woven seagrass and twisted paper which is then completed with jute handles. These baskets can be used as beautiful statement pieces in any room of the house while also storing a myriad of items. Roll up your throws or blankets and place them in these baskets close to the couch or use them to store your kids’ stuffed toys in their playroom.

Makeup Organization

This is for the women who love makeup as much as I do!

I couldn’t list my top products without mentioning the items I use to organize my makeup collection.

Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner
Top Products
Credit: Trish McEvoy

I never go anywhere without this all-in-one customizable beauty organizer. (Which also comes in a mini size.) This compact and portable planner fits easily into my large handbag or tote while housing all my essential makeup and beauty tools. It includes elasticized pockets, a removable pouch, and an all-around zipper to keep everything in place. Want the right makeup products to store in this planner? Find more Trish McEvoy makeup products on my Instagram Shop!

Makeup Brush Holder
Credit: Amazon

This acrylic makeup organizer has a large brush holder with pearls to hold the brushes and 3 drawers to give you a dust-free place to store your makeup brushes. The high-quality clear acrylic has a dust-proof design and elegant look making it the perfect storage space for your makeup and beauty tools. Keep the vanity in your bedroom, bathroom, or on your vanity organized and free of clutter with this organizer which ensures that everything has its place. 

Home Organizers

Your home should be your sanctuary.

This is why some of my top products are those items that actually help me to simplify my life and organize my home the easy way.

Coily Cables

Coily Cables are unique space-saving cables designed to help you stay organized. There are both 3-foot and 6-foot cables available with different connection types that are suitable for Apple devices, Android devices, and many more. These clever cables were made with organization in mind and will make sure your workspace is kept tidy and your home looks great. For a special offer use promo code: RONNI20


1Thrive is the perfect tool for anyone with a need for organization and productivity. The 1Thrive wall organizers act as an aesthetically pleasing command center in any home. These effective wall organizers are designed with busy people in mind. Save time and take control of your life with these clever tools. With their wide range of different styles, you’re sure to find one to suit your home and your family’s needs.


Make 2021 the year you get and stay organized by investing in these top products.

When it comes to items for organization, you don’t want to buy just anything as it can quickly become a part of your clutter.

Rather, invest in items intentionally. Items that you know are designed to bring order to your home and life.

Which of these top products is your favorite?

I would like to thank Henry Hanger for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.


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  1. These are all great organizing tools, Ronni. My absolute favorite is the make-up brush holder. I’ve never seen that before and will absolutely recommend it. Such a smart idea to keep the brushes upright and enclosed so they aren’t out in the open. Thank you very much for sharing these great options.

    1. Diane,

      I was inspired by the make up organizer because I have many fine brushes that I don’t want filled
      with dust or have the brush hairs bend out of shape. (That’s happened!) It’s narrow so it doesn’t take up a lot of room. I have it sitting right on my vanity.

        1. Andrea,

          What a lovely complement, thank you! I hope you have the best Valentine’s Day and spend it with those you love.

  2. Ronni- You’re such a great resource person! You always feature the coolest products. This is a great list. I especially love the basket sets. And those drawer organizers are an excellent value- a set of 16 for under $25. But perhaps my favorite is the collection of 1Thrive family command centers.

    The other thing you mentioned, which is so important, is how often we collect organizing products, but don’t use them effectively or at all. I think there is the promise that the product will solve all of our organizing challenges. And while that could happen, in truth, it is the before product purchase work that is more significant. If the editing of the “stuff” doesn’t happen first, along with evaluating your storage needs and space available, the organizing products might not work. So it’s worth working the organizing process in a sequence that will give you the optimal results.

    1. Linda,
      I really like how you said that. It’s so true. When I’m asked about tools or products to help get organized, I remark how the organization starts first in our minds. No tool is going to have that magical cure if we don’t create organized strategies. Decluttering is one of the most important and first steps.

    1. Lucy,

      I do love hangers that will hold the shape of our clothing and stand the test of time. They were one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I never thought twice about it.
      I can safely say that none of my clothing has shoulders that are stretched out of shape!

    1. They are GREAT! As I told Sabrina, if you plan on purchasing any, use the code 20 on the post for a nice discount. It’s always good to save money.

  3. Great collection of products! I love the Coily Cables. I saw them at The Container Store near me and thought they were great. I can’t stand all the cable mess on my desk. May have to get a few more. =)

    1. Sabrina,
      Definitely, the Coily Cables are the biggest hit! Like you, I really can’t stand to see those messy wires popping out from behind desks or anywhere for that matter.
      If you decide to get more, use my code 20 on the post for a nice discount.

        1. Seana,
          I think the nicest feeling on Valentine’s Day is being remembered. It’s knowing that you’re loved and having others that you love too. It’s a celebration. It’s a milestone. It’s a Hallmark holiday. It’s the spirit behind all of that- that makes us feel warm all over and so happy to be loved.

  4. Great list of products. I use acrylic organizers for a variety of purposes and absolutely love them. The makeup brush holder you recommend looks pretty and functional. I also love the Coily Cable and the iThrive wall organizer.

    1. Sheri,

      I’ve used the acrylic organizers for jewelry, belts, make up, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in a desk drawer. The uses are endless.
      The most important thing is to measure correctly and measure twice because there are so many options out there.

    1. Janet,

      I really love those baskets too. I’ve used them for myself and for clients. They’re flexible and roomy and come in several sizes. I’ve stored rolled up towels, extra blankets, and magazines. They are beautiful and useful.

  5. Those Coily Cables are really awesome. I can think of multiple people in my life who might like them. I’m thinking I’ll add those to my “gift ideas” list for upcoming special days:)

    1. Seana,

      The Coily Cables come in 2 sizes and in black and white. I have one in the car, my son and husband each took a cable and I am left with one more. I think they would make fantastic little gifts. And they are great space savers.

  6. You definitely have a great mix of classic tools (like the drawer dividers) and novel items! I’ve never seen the Coily Cables, but I love anything that uses magnets to keep things organized and tidy. And the Thrive 1 wall organizers are so cozy and inviting, a way to make a house into a family home.

    I always have to wonder about using acrylic display containers for make-up. It seems like powder would get into the crevices and that sponges would always be transferring foundation. I can see myself chasing those little pink pearls all over the floor when I clean it and invariably knock them to the floor. 😉

    1. Julie,

      I’ve used all of the products so they definitely have my stamp. One reason I like the acrylic is because it’s so easy to wipe clean. If there’s a spill or smattering of powder, you can remove that one section and you don’t have to remove the others.
      Those Coily Cables are the cutest ever. It’s a win-win for me because I don’t like so many loose cables and wires showing.
      Hmm-about the pink pearls, if you put them into a container before you clean the organizer, I’m pretty sure that will work.That’s a mini problem for a big return. The pearls are meant to hold the handles of the brushes in place and you can see them all at a glance.

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