8 Charming Farmhouse-Style Kitchen Looks You’ll Want in Your Home Now

Farmhouse-Style Kitchen
A farmhouse-style kitchen shouts from the rooftops, Americana small-town life. Where, somewhere over the rainbow, Dorothy meets Norman Rockwell and you want to go home. Click To Tweet

Every day people are gathered around the table with a glimpse of family at its finest. It then becomes very clear that you don’t need a brain or nerve, you just need a heart. Or hearth.

The farmhouse style trend has grown in popularity and, for good reason. A country-chic design evokes a sense of a casual and carefree lifestyle reminiscent of past eras.

With our fast-paced life, who can blame people for wanting to create a home that reminds them of simpler times? The look creates warmth for family life and works well with other styles.

Although the farmhouse style works for all rooms of the house, it’s the kitchen that benefits the most from this look. The kitchen is the heart of the home, after all. And, everyone wants a cozy and inviting kitchen where the family can gather to cook and bond.

That’s why I’ve gathered the most charming farmhouse-style kitchen ideas and trends to help you create that classic country-chic look in your own home. 

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Wood Materials

Wood finishes are the staple of a modern farmhouse so keep this in mind while looking for farmhouse-style kitchen ideas. Whether you opt for reclaimed wood, wood floors in the kitchen, a barn-inspired door to your pantry, a mobile wood island, a wood-wrapped hood, or even an antique wood furniture piece, they all work. Make sure not to overdo the wood look but rather use warm wood accents to complement your color palette or more modern kitchen appliances.

The Classic White Color Palette

Although you don’t need to choose any specific colors for your farmhouse-style kitchen, the most common types seem to combine white and black along with natural wood tone accents. You can opt for the light and airy classic white kitchen combined with a pop of color of your choice for a great look. Dark colors like black or shades of blue give a kitchen a chic and modern look while bright colors such as yellow or light green can make a space more cheerful.

Credit: Camylla Battani

Patterned Tiles & Rustic Textures

You can transform the look of any space by adding patterns or textures. Interesting patterns and rough textures tend to work well with most farmhouse-style kitchens. Choose beautiful patterned tiles in two or three neutral colors for a cohesive look and overall flow. Alternatively, add a rustic texture by using a distressed brick backsplash tile or wallpaper. There are endless options to choose from in order to transform a classic white kitchen into a warm and inviting space.

Open Shelving

The open shelving look is one way to fully embrace the practical aspect of the farmhouse-style kitchen look. Although having some closed cabinets is always a good and practical choice, open shelving makes everything in your kitchen easily accessible. You can choose to put up some reclaimed wood shelves for certain key items or have a whole wall of top to bottom open shelving. If this is the case, use decorative bins and baskets to group and store similar items together in a beautiful and functional manner.

Farmhouse-Style Kitchen
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7 Tips to Organize Your Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Statement Lighting

There are many different lighting options that suit the farmhouse-style kitchen look. Some are grand statement features that catch the eye while others are more understated and subtle. Regardless, the lighting you choose will determine the overall style of your kitchen. Carefully consider the effect you’re going for. Industrial-inspired copper lamps and oversized black steel pendant-type light fixtures really make an impressive statement in the kitchen.

Credit: Aaron Huber

A Gathering Space

A farmhouse kitchen should create a warm and inviting atmosphere where your loved ones all gather together. Therefore, a large oversized island with counter-height seating is a requirement for this family gathering space. Or if you have an open or adjoining dining room you can create an alternative gathering area there. If you’re looking for the quintessential farmhouse-style kitchen look that doesn’t involve an island, you can place a long table with comfortable seating at the center of an open plan kitchen and dining room space.

Oversized Sink

Install a classic apron sink or an oversized metal, copper, ceramic, or soapstone sink as the focal point of your farmhouse-style kitchen. This is the hallmark of a traditional farmhouse kitchen and serves a practical purpose too. You can even have a custom one made to fit your space to include a backsplash area to keep the faucet off the counter for an even bigger sink.

Farmhouse-Style Kitchen

Copper Accents

Copper accents are super stylish as the metal look works well with a wide range of décor styles and color palettes. The industrial look helps to add a modern urban twist to any traditional farmhouse-style kitchen. These accents can be in the form of light fixtures, faucets, or even copper pipework as part of the décor.

The Farmhouse Style Kitchen 100 Years Ago

The modern farmhouse-style kitchen tends to be a large bright open space designed to be functional yet welcoming. In the past, this was not always the case. 100 years ago the kitchen was a workroom that was usually quite small; even in large homes. The practical parts of the kitchen such as the sink and oven were the focal points. Although there were some cabinets, open shelving was the norm. In the past, the farmhouse kitchen was designed solely with function in mind. Aesthetics such as color and décor were an afterthought. Whereas, the modern farmhouse kitchen seamlessly blends function and aesthetics into a beautiful space for happy family gatherings.


A contemporary farmhouse-style kitchen is one that will never go out of fashion due to its practicality and appealing look.

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen according to this look, use the various elements discussed in this post to guide your choices.

Do you have or want a farmhouse-style kitchen?


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  1. Ronni- These photos are so inspiring! I love all of your ideas and the ways you described a farmhouse kitchen. Those reclaimed wood shelves are adorable, with the chalkboard labeled jars sitting neatly on them. I love those! It’s also visually interesting to see the various color combinations. In every home I’ve ever been in, the kitchen IS the gathering place. Even when you have other rooms that people can be in. Everyone wants to be in the kitchen to either help, hang out, or talk. These farmhouse kitchens are inviting in that way.

    1. Linda,
      I love bringing attention to the home. Especially this past year, when we’ve all spent so much time there. It’s just amazing, all the wonderful things that happen at home. For so many, it starts in the kitchen.
      The farmhouse kitchen is the essence of warmth and family. With all the beautiful elements, texture and color combinations and that oldish look from so long ago.
      I loved spending time there with my family and enjoying so many gatherings throughout the years. It created so much happiness and beautiful memories.

  2. The kitchen is the heart of the home! So often people plop down in the kitchen. It’s a wonderful gathering place. The pictures and ideas you shared are wonderful.

    1. Diane,

      I completely agree with you. The kitchen was always the center of our home. Everything happened there. Homework, storytelling,
      cooking, gatherings, it all took place in that fabulous farmhouse kitchen.

      Thank you, I love those photos as well. They show all the different ways a farmhouse kitchen can look. Often, there’s a modern twist.

  3. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing! These options are great for a farmhouse kitchen!

    Farmhouse style came out after we remodeled our kitchen in 2014. While I have a cottage-style open floor plan house, our kitchen is more shaker-style with naturally light maple wood, similar to the farmhouse-style cabinets but not in white. White cabinets are not my favorite in a kitchen, though, because I cook a lot. I love the natural color light woods with stone or rustic tile backsplashes. I’m a nature girl at heart. =)

    1. Sabrina,
      Your kitchen sounds absolutely lovely. I think there has always been a trend towards farmhouse kitchens. I built mine in 2002. I guess I was just drawn to all the features. Like so many other people, the kitchen was where we spent so much of our time, including gatherings with family and friends.

  4. I love the updated vibe of today’s farmhouse look. It is bright and airy, but has enough warm touches to avoid the sterile feeling that ultra-modern spaces can have. Just a touch of natural wood can make such a difference. So beautiful!!

    1. Seana,

      That touch of wood is really something. In my old farmhouse kitchen, a while back, I had gorgeous wood plank floors and wooden ceiling beams. Those were definitely focal points and anything else I did worked beautifully. It was quite a spectacular kitchen in so many ways, and I am happy I was able to create it for my family.

  5. SUCH A DREAM! Cooking is a huge hobby of mine and I am looking forward to building a rustic country kitchen with lots of industrial features.

    1. Melanie,
      I hope you keep on dreaming and make it come true. Would you build a white kitchen, black and white, country blue? I’d love to know.
      I had no idea that you love to cook. What do you love cooking the most? Right now, I’m on a soup run.

  6. Until the middle of last year, I couldn’t have told you the difference between Danish Modern and a cheese danish, but then had a small project where I had to learn a bit about different design styles. (I learned, shockingly, that I prefer French Country, which apparently has some, but not much, crossover with these gorgeous Farmhouse style of kitchens.) Stunning!

    1. I’ve always been fascinated by different designs and textures. Colors too. Before we downsized, I had a beautiful country kitchen. I loved everything about it. That was in part, the inspiration for this post.

      In full disclosure, the red barn-like farm house, set on a
      gorgeous piece of land, is my favorite.

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