10 Insanely Clever Spring Cleaning Tips from the Pros

spring cleaning
Nothing feels quite as clean, as clean. It’s more than that gleaming fresh and sparkle. It’s when you walk into that spic-and-span space and tell yourself, “Oh yeah, this feels good.” Share on X

After a long winter and lots of time spent indoors, your home is begging for a springy spring cleaning.

It’s time for a refreshing; to start clearing out your closets, getting rid of clutter, cleaning and reorganizing your home in preparation for the lovely warmer season…that can’t come soon enough.

Here are 15 ways to dust away a ginormous spring cleaning with insanely clever tips from the pros.

These 10 women are cleaning and organizing mavens and have shared their cracker-jack spring cleaning tips right here in this post! 

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Refresh Your View

We are much better at adding to the refrigerator door and bulletin boards than we are at clearing them off. The start of spring is a good time to take everything down and start over. Get rid of old schedules, reminder notes, greeting cards, and anything else that is out of date. Hang up new schedules, invitations, and reminder cards for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. If you’ve had the same photo(s) hanging up for a while, consider cycling out the old and putting up some new ones. Add a splash of your favorite color, a quote, a comic, or an image of a favorite getaway to inspire you. Lastly, don’t think you need to “fill every inch.” A little breathing space between objects is a beautiful thing!

Happy Spring Organizing!

Seana Turner of The Seana Method

Do it in Two

I like to make the house fresh and spring clean in two days. I open windows and play music.

I’ll clean the bathrooms and kitchen on day one, then focus on the rest of the house, the second day.

(This may not be feasible for everyone though, so if your home needs a more thorough cleaning, extend this timeline and break it up into one room a day or whatever works best for you.)

Lisa Gessert from Organizing Buzz

Spring Cleaning

Create Zones

Break your house into zones. Only a team of maids can whip an entire house into spick and span shape in a matter of hours. Everyone else needs a bit more time. Therefore, divide your home into multiple zones and tackle one room or space at a time. 

And remember, always take care of the surface clutter first, then clean, then deep organize, and finally decorate. 

Lisa Munkvold of Complete Clutter Control

Mind the Mattress

I must admit that I clean most of my home year-round so when spring comes along, I don’t feel a great need to do a whole-house overhaul. One thing, though, I make a point of doing each spring is rotating my mattress. That may sound like one small thing but in the process, I remove all the bedding. I decide if it’s time to replace the mattress pad. I also move the bed frame away from the wall and give the entire frame a good cleaning. I vacuum behind the bed and the mattress itself while I’m at it. This takes a bit of time and is hard work but is worth the effort because I know I’m removing dust and allergens which I don’t otherwise pay too much attention to.

Diane N. Quintana of DNQ Solutions

Stick to the Basics

You don’t need all those fancy-schmancy cleaning products to do an effective spring cleaning. Just sticking to the basics of distilled white vinegar, a disinfectant, sponges, and cleaning cloths will do the job. Using just the basics will also save space in your cleaning supply cabinet.

Janet Schiesl of Basic Organization

Credit: Good Soul Shop

Daylight Savings Time

I use the time change twice a year to accomplish specific tasks. This year’s Daylight Savings Time changed on March 14th. I made that weekend a priority for certain tasks: checking the fire and carbon monoxide alarms, wiping down baseboards, window sills, door jams, and wainscoting, having air conditioner/furnace serviced. These tasks don’t have to be checked monthly or even weekly but setting a specific weekend every year helps.  

Margarita Ibbott from Down Shifting Pro

Keep Your ‘Piggies’ Safe While Spring Cleaning

The weather is getting warmer and I know you can’t wait to put on your flip-flops. Me, too! But, please—wear comfortable closed-toe shoes while doing your spring cleaning. Whether you’re purging your garage, kitchen, or clothing closet, even the lightest item falling from the lowest shelf can hurt when it lands on your barefoot. Sneakers are optimal but any well-constructed shoe that covers your entire foot will work. When you’re finished, set aside your sneakers and celebrate your spring cleaning accomplishments by slipping on your sandals!

Stacey Agin Murray of Organized Artistry

Spring Cleaning
Credit: Anna Shvets

Spring Cleaning Project

Spring is a beautiful season to reset and tackle clutter. By choosing only one area or project, you will reduce overwhelm and increase your focus. Experiment with my favorite strategies to help.

  • Schedule time – Set a date in your calendar to address the clutter.
  • Establish parameters – Decide how many hours you will work with the concept of stopping when it is “good enough.”
  • Enhance environment – Make sure there is enough light in the area you’re working. Play music to create an energetic mood.
  • Ask questions – Good questions will help you be honest and ruthless about the “keepers” and the items to let go of.
  • Take breaks – The works will be less stressful if you allow some “fun” breaks with people, snacks, or some fresh air.
  • Appreciate the process and results – Take time to enjoy the work you’ve done and admire the progress you made.

Linda Samuels of Oh So Organized

All Year Round

Make spring cleaning easier by not doing it. No, wait! Hear me out! With only a few exceptions, such as drapes, baseboards, and ceiling fans, there is nothing in my house that I would want to go a whole year without cleaning. I prefer doing a little bit at a time, all year long, to avoid any one cleaning project becoming a big nasty job. So, just schedule one larger task in with the usual each month, then there’s no need to do “spring cleaning”!

Hazel Thornton from Organized for Life

Ronni’s Green & Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

  • An all-around green and simple, scented cleaning product


Add these ingredients to a spray bottle, shake, and then let it steep for several days before using. This homemade all-purpose green cleaner does wonders.

  • Use a half cup of distilled white vinegar to the final rinse of your laundry to whiten, reduce harsh smells and soften clothes (I use this for new towels and sheets to soften) without the tough chemicals.
  • To clean and remove odors, freeze vinegar in ice cube trays, then grind the cubes in the sink disposal. I often add lemon or orange peels to the disposal for a fresher scent.
  • Sanitize wooden cutting boards by rubbing them with lemon juice, then let them sit overnight. Wash and rinse.
  • Sometimes what’s old is new again. Here’s an old fashion cleaning tip with big results. Turn a rug upside-down and run a vacuum over it. Watch all the dirt fall out of it. 
Credit: Crema Joe


There you have it! 

10 insanely clever spring cleaning tips straight from the pros. These women have made a living from organizing and have many years of experience. 

They know all the tips, tricks, and hacks for making spring cleaning easier.

So, use this guide as you spring clean your own home. Just one whiff of that squeaky clean, clean and you’ll be springspired and glad you did! 

Which spring cleaning tip are you going to try?


Spring Cleaning

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    1. Hi Cathy,

      That towel hack is a good one. It’s interesting how some of the best tips are easy and ones that we don’t think of.
      Please let me know how it works for you. It’s fun sharing cleaning tips.

  1. I like that recipe for a fresh-scented, all purpose cleaner! I’d love my home to smell like lemon and rosemary:). Thanks for including me in this roundup, Ronni. Lots of great advice. I hate rotating the mattress as I am just too small for that job. Hopefully we’ll get a couple of strong arms in here soon and get that job done!

    1. Seana,
      You must tell me when you try my au natural cleaner recipe and how it works for you.

      I’m glad you were part of all the great advice. By the way, I can’t turn a mattress on my own either. It’s certainly terrific when it’s done but my strong muscles
      need help!

  2. Oh, Ronni! What a great collection of tips! It makes me want to stop what I’m doing and clean RIGHT NOW! The overall theme speaks of the freshness and light that spring brings. I think I tend to be like Hazel in that I clean all year long. But certain tasks are more seasonal. One of the things I can’t wait to get out is the power washer, which we invested in last year. Not only does it clean the heck out of surfaces, but it’s so much fun to use that it feels more like playing than working.

    Thank you for including me in this awesome collection. Also, I wish I could float while vacuuming like the woman in the top photo. Now THAT would be fun!

    1. Linda,
      You’re so funny. I love the picture of that lady, dressed up, hair perfectly coiffed, heels on, even a smile, while she’s cleaning. What a throwback, to the 1950s?
      I enjoy this time of year. Everything is beginning to blossom and the days are getting longer and warmer.
      I’m glad you joined the conversation on spring cleaning. There were so many great tips. Including yours.

    1. Sabrina, I love Margarita’s clever tips as well. As I mentioned above, there are so many ways to create timestamps. Also, it’s an ideal way to manage all of our to-dos .

  3. Thank you so much for including my suggestion. I did all of that and more last weekend. It’s great to be able to have a ‘timestamp’ of when certain tasks should be done.

    The next one is in the fall. I also have some tips for that time if you’re going to do another round up, let me know!

    1. Margarita,
      I enjoyed your smart tip and you are permanently on my round up list.
      I’ve always liked the idea of timestamps. It makes life so much easier. I do this with bill paying, changing bed sheets and more. The bonus is, all those tasks get done when they’ve been earmarked for a certain time.

  4. Thanks for including me in your pro tips. I always feel extra energy when Spring finally shows up, so I tend to plan projects around the house and that makes me do a little more cleaning (and decluttering) in that area of my home.

    1. I’m with you, Janet. Springtime is magical. There’s so much love to take a vantage of. And if we have cleaner homes at the same time, bravo to us!

  5. So much solid — and fun! — advice. I’m definitely going to tell my clients about the vinegar ice cubes for the garbage disposal! And I love your delightful use of photos!

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