Super Amazon Favorites Under $25 That You Should Know About

Amazon Favorites

Today’s post is all about the most convenient online store in the world – Amazon.

Regardless of where in the world you are, we have all turned to Amazon for our shopping needs at one point or another. For many of us, it’s our first choice when it comes to online shopping – I know it is for me and my friends and family. Especially when you take into consideration all the perks of Amazon Prime.

The truth is, you can find just about anything on Amazon. Plus, it’s just as easy to return items if needed. But you really need to know what to look for if you want to find the real gems. Share on X

So, I’ve compiled a list of my Amazon favorites to share with you. These are good-quality yet affordable items, under $25 that I’ve bought myself. I have divided my choices up into sections to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

I know you’ll love these items just as much as I do!

Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links. Keep in mind that I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you when you click my links and make a purchase. However, this does not impact my opinion in any way. I only promote brands I believe in and products that I use and love myself. I try my best to keep things fair and balanced to help you make the best choice for you.

Products for Kids

Some of my absolute Amazon favorites are products for kids. They have such a wide selection of items that range from educational toys to playroom organizational items. I love purchasing useful kids’ items for my grandson and other children in the family.

Numbers & Alphabets Flash Cards Set– these wooden letters and numbers animal card matching game are one of the best Montessori educational toys available. Ideal for toddlers from age 3 up. Make learning the alphabet and counting fun for kids with this super set of flashcards.

Cute Animal Laundry Hamper/Toy Storage Basket– these super cute hampers come in a variety of colors, each with a different adorable animal design on it. The large storage bin is made from a strong but eco-friendly material that can be closed completely with a drawstring.

Amazon Favorites

Books – Amazon is a great place to buy fun and educational books for kids. There are books that are appropriate for all ages, but 2 that I’ve bought personally are, The Going to Bed Book and also the A to Z Board Book.

Amazon Favorites Personal Items

The best items you can buy from Amazon are the ones that make your life easier. That’s why there are a few personal products that I use almost daily to be more organized and keep my personal pieces together.

Multi-Pocket Felt Purse & Handbag Organizer– this sturdy and durable yet soft to the touch bag organizer fits perfectly in most handbags as it comes in several sizes. With multiple different-sized pockets, it is the ultimate organizational tool that will help you find anything you need quickly and easily.

Amazon Favorites

Protective Laptop Sleeve Bag– this stylish waterproof protective laptop cover comes in 3 stunning colors. The convenient design ensures that there is space for your laptop as well as other smaller items such as chargers, mouse, cables, external hard drive, etc.

Home Products

Many of my Amazon favorites are practical products I’ve purchased for use around the home. They have such a wide variety of options and the quality of the following products are exceptional.

Storage Bins with Cotton Rope Handles – these sturdy storage baskets come in 3 different colors that can also be mixed. They are perfect for storing anything, especially on closet shelves.

Amazon Favorites

Microfiber Sheet Set– I opted for the King size yellow scallop option and love it. The set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. It is so pretty and soft, I’ll be purchasing another set.

Decorative Faux Cashmere Throw Blanket– this herringbone fringe throw comes in various colors and styles. The blanket is a lightweight, soft, and cozy addition to the bed or sofa.

Amazon Favorites

16-Piece Desk Drawer Organizer Set– this set comes in 5 different sizes to give you versatile tray divider options for any drawer in your home.

Dustproof Makeup Brush Holder & Makeup Organizer – this acrylic case has a large brush holder filled with pearls to keep your makeup brushes up, and 3 drawers for more makeup.

Amazon Favorites

Pre-printed Black on White Spice Jar Labels – these waterproof label stickers will fit round or rectangular spice jars and since the text is already pre-printed, you’ll have a picture-perfect pantry.

Vegetable Brush– this handy little vegetable brush has a non-slip grip, is dishwasher safe, and has nylon bristles that thoroughly clean vegetables such as carrots and potatoes.

Amazon Favorites

Craft Supplies

Other Amazon favorites I have purchased are craft supplies. Amazon has a myriad of craft supplies so you’ll find just about anything you could possibly need for your arts and crafts projects.

Rotating Carousel Craft Organizer – with 9 clear removable canisters in 2 different sizes, this organizer gives you a clear view of everything you’re storing for easy access.

Wooden Pen Organizer – this multi-functional pen holder box doesn’t just store pens but has a drawer that provides space for stationery and other art supplies as well.

Amazon Favorites

Three-Layer Multipurpose Storage Box – this folding toolbox comes in 3 bright and fun colors and the three-layer style that works well for art supplies or sewing materials.

Rotating Bamboo Art Supply Organizer – a handy organizer that has 7 sections that can hold up to 350+ pencils. Perfect for pens, color pencils, and art brushes you want to store on your desk.

Amazon Favorites


There you have it – my Amazon favorites under $25!

These products are all excellent quality and incredibly affordable. Whether you look for something to spruce up your home, organize your craft room, or spoil your kids, you’ll find it at Amazon.

Check out these items today and grab what you need. Sign up for Amazon Prime while you’re at it and benefit from free shipping and other perks.

Which of my Amazon favorites are your favorite?


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  1. Ronni- You always find the best products! And I love your photos, especially the first one. So colorful! Those puzzle flashcards are adorable. And the kids’ laundry baskets! They are wonderful. The only challenge would be making a choice- the mouse with the umbrella or the dancing koala? The pre-printed spice labels are also lovely. I used a label maker way back when to label my spices, but I think the pre-printed labels are nice looking and convenient, especially if you don’t own a label maker.

    1. Linda,

      Thank you, as always, for the love!

      I have so much fun with useful products that can really help keep us organized. I love all the items for kids. They’re colorful and sweet and add to any play room. It’s such a bonus to have a space that a child loves to be in.

      I still have my label maker. It’s perfect for home offices and it definitely comes in handy in a pinch.

  2. You and I have some overlapping “finds!” I used those labels for the first time with a client two weeks ago – they are so great, especially if you are using narrow containers where the cursive letter ones would be hard to read. I also love the art supply organizer (the one I featured this week is similar).

    Love that makeup brush holder. Haven’t seen that before!

    1. Seana,
      It is true, you and I often seem to be on the same path and with the same likes. I have the make up organizer and it’s fantastic. It holds a lot and there’s, finally, a decent place for the brushes so they don’t get dusty.
      Crafts is so huge. That’s why I wanted to offer the ones I did as an option for organizing.

  3. Golly, Ronni. I thought all of these were just terrific! My granddaughter (and my son and daughter-in-law) would really love and use the alphabet and number flash cards. I love the way you put this list together. There is definitely something for everyone in the list of great products!

    1. Diane,
      Thank you for the sweet comments. I bought the alphabet and number game for my grandson, he’ll be 3 in June, and he absolutely loved it.
      We took it one step further and found an item in the room that matched the letter we chose and put that flash card on the item.

      The great thing about Amazon is that there is something for everyone!

  4. I love bags with pockets. I easily organize keys, sunglasses, and reward cards in them. No more digging through my bag. =) Thanks for sharing these favorites. I check Amazon all the time for items that other local stores do not have. =)

    1. I always disliked digging through my bag. Such a pain and I could never put my hands on anything quickly. Then purse organizers came onto the scene and put an end to pocketbook mess.
      I really like this one because of the soft bendable fabric,it fits securely in the bag. There are lots of sizes and pockets so I have a place for keys, cell phone, credit cards etc.

  5. All very cool, but my favorites are the 16-piece desk drawer organizing set and the rotating carousel craft organizer.

    But what the heck is that adorable wooden bunny rabbit with the pen organizer? Enquiring minds want to know!

    1. I have the 16 piece set of organizing trays. They’re terrific because they fit most drawers and allow a lot of flexibility. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle but you can adapt it to fit.
      A phone stand/ place holder that looks like a rabbit?
      The rotating craft organizer is amazing.I love that one too. Actually, I love all of them!

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