10 Budget-Friendly Ways You Can Quickly Refresh Your Home

Refresh Your Home

Is it time to hit the refresh button and spruce up your home?

We’re heading into a new season and this summer promises to be on the upswing. After spending plenty of time at home over the last year, you may be ready for something new.

Refreshing your home is the quickest and easiest way to make a change. Plus, it doesn’t need to be expensive. There are plenty of budget-friendly options for you to try. 

You can change the mood of a room just with a splash of color, an accessory, or something fresh. You’re limited only by your imagination. 

Try these 10 budget-friendly ways to put your personality to work. Apply them to your home. Whether it’s one room or your entire house, these small changes will make a big difference as your home becomes as fresh as a daisy. Click To Tweet

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Change Your Color Scheme

A new color is the simplest way to update your home. Try a new wall color in your favorite room (or all of them). Choose a soft blue color scheme for more tranquillity, a bright yellow shade for a cheerful look, or even deep grey if you’re looking for a touch of sophistication.  You can then add a few matching accessories such as lampshades, rugs, or throw pillows to complement this new color scheme and complete the look. 

Add Wallpaper

Refresh Your Home

Wallpaper is a fun solution. Especially, if you can’t commit to paint color or like to change things up regularly. Opt for an interesting pattern to brighten up your kitchen backsplash. Or apply a bold color to add flair to an otherwise dull space, such as the spare room, bathroom, or entryway. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even apply stylish wallpaper to your ceiling. Keep the cost down and wallpaper just one wall, it then becomes a focal point of the room. 

Create an Accent or Statement Wall

Now is a good time to explore your personal magic. An accent or statement wall in the bedroom, living room, or dining room is a can-do way to make a fabulous change with minimal effort. There are plenty of other ways to achieve this look. A photo gallery on the wall is a possibility. (Hint: using matching frame styles and colors offers a subtle balance and harmony). Add some floating shelves to display a collection of treasured books, or hang a piece of art, or a very large mirror. Make this place as interesting as possible so that it catches the eye.

Decorate with a Stencil

Refresh Your Home

Using wall stencils to decorate add style to any space. This is a wonderful idea if you feel a space in your home needs a lift. There are plenty of different stencil designs and you can select patterns that complement the rest of your décor. A stencil will enhance any plain space by adding patterns and depth. This is the perfect DIY home decorating hack that will help you create spaces that you love and that is truly unique. 

Change Your Bedding

You can bring more life into your bedroom design by addressing the centerpiece of any bedroom – the bed. If it’s been a while since you’ve made changes, it may just be time to update your bedding. Pull together a sleeping space that features plenty of comfortable layers, cheerful colors, and different textures with a blanket, duvet, or summer quilt. Pillow shams and a light throw are your finishing touch. You can do this in your bedroom, the kids’ rooms, and even the spare bedroom to really freshen up your entire home.

Make Use of Throw Pillows

Refresh Your Home

A vibrant throw pillow can totally transform the look of the entire room. It brings a pop of color and dimension to your space. Combine various tones, textures, and patterns for an eye-catching feel. New throw pillows are an affordable option for an instant room makeover. Mix and match your choices until you’re happy with the look and then change it up again when you feel the need for something different.

Lay Down a New Rug

Rugs add warmth and definition to your room. So, if you’re looking to tie a space together, there’s no better way than to add a new area rug. Although the colors and patterns you choose are important, the placement is what makes the biggest impact. Keep some floor space around your rugs, you can also have some furniture placed on top of it.

Bring Plants into Your Home

You can’t get any fresher than adding some greenery to your home. Pot plants make any interior look inviting. Additionally, the extra oxygen being produced in the house will also provide a number of health benefits for your family. There are many plants that can thrive inside and many of them are quite low maintenance too. All you need to keep in mind is how much sun and water it needs and whether it’s safe for children and pets. 

Rearrange the Furniture

Refresh Your Home

If you’re feeling stuck and need to refresh the flow of energy in your life, rearrange the furniture. There couldn’t be a more cost-effective way to change the look of your home. Where you place your furniture determines the feel and function of a room. This easy mini-makeover doesn’t cost a thing and chances are, you’ll feel much better once you’ve moved your couches, coffee tables, bed, artwork, bookshelves, and other furniture around. Rearranging your furniture can be just as cathartic as clearing out the clutter as it helps to move any stagnant energy. The philosophy of Feng Shui believes that the way you arrange your furniture affects your environment and can have a direct impact on your well-being.

Change Your Light Fixtures

You can update your home in a flash simply by changing your light fixtures. Choose beautiful fixtures that reflect the new design and feel you’d like to create. The light fixtures you have make a big impact on the overall mood and energy in your home. So, when you change the light fixtures, you change the ambiance. Light fixtures can make or break a room so don’t be afraid to play around with these often forgotten elements. There are some gorgeous light fixtures available that really make a statement.


Giving your home a refresh doesn’t need to be a big expensive project. You can create a noticeable difference simply by making a few quick and easy décor or design changes.

So, if you feel the need for an update, choose one of these options and apply it. You’ll be pleased with the outcome.

Which of these methods do you want to use to spruce up your home?


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  1. As always, you bring such a range of creative ways to make your life function and feel great! It’s incredible what paint, new bedding, or a change in throw pillows can do to refresh or tie a room together. I like having a neutral-colored sofa because I can easily change the throw pillows and give the area a new look and color emphasis. Thank you for the rug tip. I want to replace our living room rug with something larger, and your idea about placement was helpful.

    1. Linda,

      Thank you,I really appreciate that!

      Recently, I was getting tired of the neutral colors in my bedroom.
      So, I found fun,feel good summer bedding with a print that worked with my other sheets and shams. I now have more shams than I know what to do with but I have to admit, the bedding looks great.

      I’ m glad you found my ideas about rug placement helpful. It can really make a difference. When I lived in New York City, I lived in a building that was built in 1910. The wooden floors were magnificent, especially once they were buffed. Being able to see those fabulous floors surrounding the rug brought so much warmth to the room.

      A neighbor taught me a lot about rug placement that helped to balance a room. Her home
      was so interesting!

  2. Ronni, these are wonderful ideas for updating or refreshing your home! My favorites are rearranging the furniture, adding throw pillows, and bringing plants in. Those are the ones I gravitate to. If I had more confidence in my decorating ability, I would paint or add wallpaper.

    1. Diane,
      I certainly understand why those are your favorite suggestions. Moving furniture is easy because if you don’t like it, you can move it back and it doesn’t cost a cent. Throw pillows are fun. You can find them most anywhere, especially at a home goods store or on line. They come in all colors shapes and prints so there’s usually plenty to chose from . Sometimes I move pillows around the home to change the look of the room.
      Have you scaled your furniture to fit your new home?

    1. Katherine,

      Thank you for your sweet comments. I have fun making the videos. I think because my son is the cameraman and he really makes me laugh,telling me to do another,do another, do another.
      I don’t have a greenish thumb but I do love plants. I love walking into a room, noticing their beauty and taking one fabulous whiff! They bring life to any room.

  3. What stunning examples you’ve chosen for all of your good advice. As a professional organizer, I excel at making things functional, but I fully admit that I have no eye for style or design. My furniture all rings the room with a big empty space in the center so there’s nothing blocking the view of the TV, and the walls are almost completely bare (and white). I never even look at the walls! Unless I’m eating, I’m pretty much always staring at a book or a screen of some sort, and have long joked with my sister that it’s not that I have bad taste, I just have no taste. Every single one of these tips is actionable and smart, though I suspect buying a plant may be the only one that’s not outside my skill set. 😉

    (Also, I love how swingy and glossy your hair looks in the video! I’m envious!)

    1. Julie,
      You may not have an eye for design. No worries! Between “no taste” and “someone has to make the streusel”, you’d be the best guest at any party.
      Many of these tips are tried and true. I’ve always had an eye for color and design. After all, I had a mother who wore movie-star like sunglasses.
      The one good thing about white walls is that they become a fabulous canvas for children to draw on when you’re not looking! I’ve been there too.🙂

    1. Margarita,
      I just changed all of our bedding too. It’s so fresh and clean looking. I love the feel when I walk into the bedroom.
      Now, I’m onto the rugs and throw pillows. It’s time for a simple refresh!

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