10 Great Ways to Organize Your Thoughts When You Feel Overwhelmed by Life

Feel Overwhelmed

Do you often feel overwhelmed by all the thoughts, ideas, and worries swirling around in your head? You’re not alone. There is so much going on in the world that most of us feel easily overwhelmed and stressed out by the sheer number of things we need to focus on, keep track of, or be concerned about. The technology that …


How to Have a Work-Life Balance for the Busy Mom’s Super Chaotic Life

How to have a work-life balance

Do you ever wonder if “work-life balance” is for real people or is it just hype, so an unruffled human sitting at the computer can explain how it’s done? You tell yourself that it’s impossible to get it right when you don’t have a life because all you do is work. Then go home to feed the family, settle temper …


The Smartest 10 Tips to Live More Frugally Now, Not Later

Tips to Live More Frugally

Has the past year and a half left you struggling to make ends meet? We’re recovering from a global pandemic, the economy has shifted, many people lost their jobs, and spending so much time at home has likely resulted in a mild online shopping addiction. If this strikes a familiar chord, you’re definitely not alone – we have all been …


The Simple Truth Why You Say Yes When You Really Want to Say No

Say Yes

Do you say yes a lot? Even when you find yourself thinking “no, no, no.” Do you still usually end up saying yes? Why do we feel this need to please everyone? To the point where we feel resentful and stressed simply because we say yes when we really just want to say no. We give of ourselves until it …


11 of the Most Smart-as-a-Whip Moms Share their Best Secrets on Raising Happy Children

Happy Children

It may seem hard to believe today, but happiness wasn’t always a parenting goal. All you need to do is look back into the not-too-distant-past where the main parenting objective was to keep children alive and raise them to become functional members of society. Luckily, things have changed, and raising happy children that are well-adjusted is the gold standard for …


How to Remarkably Reduce Anxiety with Simple Organizing

Reduce Anxiety

I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I fold. That’s what I do. I find that the act of folding brings me to a place of inner resolve, where only I can go and emerge having found my peace. For me, it’s soothing. When I’m on edge or feeling out of sorts, when exercise is a low priority, at that moment, …


How to Make a Bad Day Better with These Easy Time Management Skills

It was only January 4th and already, my day had quickly turned around. My well-planned-out list of to-dos was hijacked by a siege of frustrating phone calls, calls that dropped or “failed” after 50 minutes of repetitious explanations, to start all over again, three times, with a new person tracking the details! Unnecessarily prolonged chunks of time, inexperienced customer service, …


The Best of the Best Advice on How to Get Organized in 2021 – Part 2

How to Get Organized

I remember the moment, just before midnight, as the entire world was celebrating the turn of a new century. I had a foreboding feeling that there would be a burst, reverberation, a rumbling of some sort. I put my hands over my ears and closed my eyes, not knowing what to expect. Instantly, I realized, it was my kaleidoscopic imagination running …


The Best of the Best Advice on How to Get Organized in 2021 – Part 1

How to Get Organized

There’s something quite heartening about the end of a year, as it magically turns over to a new beginning. Like a clean sweep, we pass the baton, in the hope of something fresh. It gives us another chance to reset, to alter, to launch. It’s that moment of hopeful renewal that we are ready to exhale, triumph, and start all …


How to Give Your Family the Best Gift Ever with Super Easy Morning Routines for Kids

Morning Routines for Kids

Are chaotic mornings the only constant in your home? Mornings with kids can feel like a whirlwind of activity that leaves you wondering “will this ever end?” Your morning energy levels are no match for the energy levels of the younger generation, whose idea of getting ready means playing dress-up (with every imaginable tutu and crown in sight) or building …