For The Love of Money

For the Love of Money

Too bad I didn’t think of saving money with my first dollars earned. When I was 9 or 10 and instead, I bought a pepperoni pizza and a bottle of coke. I guess I ate my entire earnings earned while working in the neighborhood selling cookies. Later on, I sold whatever I could; including tickets to all the shows I …


Why We Love to Talk About Clutter


In full disclosure, I thought my husband had gone wacky 27 years ago after my twins were born. It was a bitterly cold day in mid-December and we were heading back home from the hospital. With my husband, babies, and older daughter in tow, I couldn’t wait to settle into my warm surroundings. Walking into our apartment, I was horrified …


What to Do When People Behave Badly

Writing on hands

Is it true; is it kind or is it necessary? Socrates There’s One more, is it Helpful? My mother used to say that I was too sensitive. But I kind of liked it that way. I understood compassion before I learned The Star-Spangled Banner. The stars aligned and I couldn’t manage any other way. From the time I was a …


Habits of Super Disorganized People

Habits of Super Disorganized People

I once heard that every woman needs five kinds of friends in her life. There is a childhood friend who knows absolutely everything about you. Then there is the friend who mirrors your life. You get married, have children, and reach major milestones at the same time. You have that fabulous friend who stretches you beyond anything you believed was …

Welcome To

The Organizing Confessions with Ronni Eisenberg

Welcome to Organizing Confessions with Ronni Eisenberg

The Organizing Confessions is the natural culmination of my years of experience as an Organizing Professional. On the Organizing Confessions, I will be sharing a combination of personal stories and practical information that can be applied to your own life. I hope to provide you with real-life examples, along with tips on how to put organization into practice. My Personal …